Consulting & Coaching

SPM requires the right set-up in order to achieve the optimal positive impact. Our consulting services are designed to help companies and product managers with everything SPM:

SPM Audit: Analysis of the current status of an SPM organization and Action Plan for improvement.

Concept and Organization: Organizational set-up for new or existing SPM organizations (where in the company’s organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, what and what not, selection of people etc.).

Software Pricing: Optimization of pricing model for software products and services.

Business Process Management: Optimization of SPM-related business processes including roles and responsibilities.

Requirements Management: Process, roles and responsibilities, requirements database, tools, differentiation between customer, product and project requirements.

Selection and Management of Partners: role in ecosystems, analysis and evaluation of potential partners, set-up of partner management.

Implementation and Change Management: Ongoing help with the initial implementation or change of SPM in terms of organization, processes, culture etc.

Coaching: Accompanying software product managers or heads of SPM units during change processes