Courses and Certificates

✓Public trainings and in-house seminars

✓Software product management training with ISPMA certificate

✓Software tailorability training

✓Training for product managers with and without work experience

✓Training for everybody who needs to understand the business side of software

Who can attend our trainings?

We have developed a series of courses, seminars and continuing education programs that will give you a clear advantage in the field of product management, and thereby a better career perspective. They are based on the syllabi of ISPMA (International Software Product Management Association, see below). The target audience are people who have some basic skills and experience in the area of software as well as experienced software product managers and product owners. You can participate in a public training or in an in-house training that we conduct for your company, e.g. for complete product management teams. The tailorability training is suitable for people with some software experience.


For ISPMA-based training courses, you can undergo a certification exam at the end of the training which is conducted by an independent certification organization. If successful they will issue your certificate on behalf of ISPMA, the International Software Product Management Association e.V.. For the other training courses, we issue participation certificates on request.

SPM – The Foundation

Training & Certification

For product managers of software products and software-intensive products and services with up to 5 years of experience.

SPM for Startups

Training & Certification

For participants involved in software product management in startups as well as those building new software products in mature businesses in a startup mode. These can be founders, software product managers and other roles.

SPM Excellence

Training & Certification

For product managers who already have the ISPMA Foundation Level Certificate or comparable SPM experience of at least 3 years.

Software Tailorability Training

For people with some experience in software (-intensive) product organizations. They can be executive managers, product managers, architects, developers or have similar roles.

Feedback from our participants

We have received a lot of feedback from the participants of our trainings:

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The International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA) is a group of SPM experts from academia and industry that aims at fostering software product management excellence across industries by establishing software product management as a discipline of its own in both academia and industry. ISPMA provides a curriculum with six training modules and corresponding certification which are frequently updated. For more information click on the logo.