Software Product Management Audit

An SPM Audit looks at a company’s capability to actively manage its software products towards economic success.

It provides the roadmap for an optimization of the organization and relevant processes ensuring a competitive market position now and in the future.

The SPM Audit is a review of a company’s current software product management processes, documentation and interactions with the other organizational functions and its’ ability to build and maintain a competitive product position in the market.

The outcome of the SPM Audit is a status report and an optimization action plan. The Audit Report is presented at a 1-day workshop starting with a review of the findings and options for optimization and concludes with the facilitation of an action planning process.

Client Involvement and Time Line

The SPM Audit requires the participation of current software product manager(s), executive management, R&D management, sales management, marketing management and service/consulting management. Each function must be available for a 2-hour interview. The SPM Audit can normally be performed within 4 calendar weeks.

The Audit Process*

SPM Audit Steps

The SPM Audit is based on a review of available documentation of processes, organization and deliverables plus a series of on-site interviews with stakeholders. The SPM Audit follows the principles of the Maturity Model developed at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands (I.v.d.Weerd, W. Bekkers, S. Brinkkemper: Developing a Maturity Matrix for Software Product Management, Utrecht University Technical Report, 2009).

* Graphics developed by TBK Consult ( with InnoTivum; execution of the action plan defined at the workshop is not within the scope of the audit, but can be guided separately.