OCTOBER 26-28, 2020
ONLINE - Confirmed - 100% Live & Interactive

SPM Training Foundation Level

Being a software product manager is a tough job. You are the driver between the external market opportunities and the internal organizational units. You are a “mini CEO” responsible for managing the software business model with the objective of achieving sustainable success over the life cycle of your company’s products.

This 3-day foundation-level training for software product managers will give you the tools to perform your job effectively, reduce the inherent stress of the job and help you make your company more successful.

The training provides a full review of the discipline of product management for software products including the management of software parts of software-intensive products, i.e. systems and services.

The training addresses the needs of people involved in software product management, including those that the product manager interfaces with, e.g. executive management, marketing and sales, research and development, operations, service and support.

The training, which is based on a syllabus developed by the International Software Products Management Association (ISPMA), covers areas such as:

  • Introduction and Foundations
    • Software Product Management Essentials
    • The Software Product Management Framework
  • Product Strategy
    • Product Strategy Essentials
    • Business Aspects
    • Ecosystem Management
    • Legal Aspects
  • Product Planning
    • Product Requirement Engineering
    • Release Planning
    • Roadmapping
    • Product Life Cycle Management
    • Impact of Development Methodologies
  • Strategic Management
    • Strategic Management Essentials
    • Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management
    • Innovation and Resource Management
    • Market and Product Analysis
  • Orchestration of the Organization’s Functional Areas
    • Development
    • Marketing
    • Sales and Distribution
    • Service and Support
    • Coordination Challenges

Become an ISPMA certified Software Product Manager
At the end of the last day of the training we offer the attendees the opportunity to take the ISPMA certification test. The test is performed as a written examination and is facilitated by the International Software Quality Institute. You can become a certified ISPMA member.

Build an SPM peer network
The ISPMA training is an excellent opportunity to build a personal peer network with other software products managers from different companies.


Course Fee

€2,500 + VAT where applicable.
Includes all materials.


€250 + VAT where applicable.


A 3-day, foundation level training aimed at software product managers with up to five years of practical experience in their field. Participants ought to have a fundamental understanding of the software business, but the course requires no specific technical or commercial competencies.


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