JANUARY 25-28, 2021

SPM Training Excellence Level Product Planning

Based on the big success of ISPMA-based SPM Foundation Level Trainings, which have been available since early 2012, and the wishes of many training participants, ISPMA has extended its Curriculum with syllabi for four Excellence Level Trainings. These trainings focus on methods and their practical application, i.e. there is sufficient room for realistic case studies and exercises. Certification is offered for each training.

This Excellence Level Training on Product Planning addresses questions like: How can you implement your vision and strategy in a structured & efficient way? Utilize experimental approaches like customer discovery in combination with analytical approaches to make informed business choices, accelerate implementation and drive change aligned with new approaches in development like DevOps and continuous development, integration and delivery. The training covers areas such as:

  • Product Planning in Context
    • Product Strategy
    • Orchestration
    • Scenarios
  • Product Life Cycle Management
    • Product Life Cycle
    • Category Life Cycle
    • Planning Options within Life Cycle Constellations
  • Product Roadmapping
    • Product Evolution
    • Long-term Planning: Product Roadmaps
    • Development and Communication of Roadmaps
  • Product Release Planning
    • Release Planning Process
    • Requirements Prioritization Criteria, Methods, and Visualization
    • Release Planning in Different Scenarios
  • Product Requirements Engineering
    • Role of Requirements Engineering in Software Product Management
    • Requirements Development: Elicitation, Analysis, and Validation
    • Abstraction Levels: Goals, Functional and Quality Requirements, and Constraints
    • RE in Different Scenarios
    • Customer Involvement
  • Process Management for Product Planning
    • Measurements
    • Tool Support
    • Optimization

Become an ISPMA certified Software Product Manager
At the end of the last day of the training we offer the attendees the opportunity to take the ISPMA certification test. The test is performed as a written examination and is facilitated by the International Software Quality Institute. You can become a certified ISPMA member.

Build an SPM peer network
The ISPMA training is an excellent opportunity to build a personal peer network with other software products managers from different companies.

InnoTivum provides this Excellence Level Training on Product Planning both as public and in-house training.


100% Live & Interactive

Only 5 hours per day

Course Fee

€2,500 + VAT where applicable.
Includes all materials.
Contact us if you intend to book more than one Excellence Level Training.


€300 + VAT where applicable.


This 3-day Excellence Level training is aimed at software product managers who already have the ISPMA Foundation Level Certificate or comparable experience of at least 3 years working as a Software Product Manager.


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