MARCH 17 - 18, 2022

SPM Training Excellence in Strategic Management

Based on the big success of ISPMA-based SPM – The Foundation Trainings, which have been available since early 2012, and the wishes of many training participants, ISPMA has extended its Curriculum with syllabi for four Excellence Level Trainings. These trainings focus on methods and their practical application, i.e. there is sufficient room for realistic case studies and exercises. Certification is offered for each training.

This Excellence in Strategic Management Training addresses questions like: How can you as a product manager influence strategic decisions on the corporate or business unit level? And how do you get the market data to base your decisions on? The training covers areas such as:

  • Strategic Management Essentials
    • Role of Product Management in Strategic Management
    • Relevant terms, objectives, and activities
    • Structure of Strategic Management in relation to Product Management
  • Corporate Strategy
    • The definition of corporate strategy
    • Schools of thought in corporate strategy
    • Relevant tools and approaches in corporate strategy
  • Portfolio Management
    • Elements of portfolio management
    • Roles, methods, and tools
  • Innovation Management
    • Types of innovations
    • Processes of creating innovations
    • Roles, methods, and tools
  • Resource Management
    • Types of resources
    • The role of product managers in resource management
    • Resource gaps and constraints
    Compliance Management
  • Market Analysis
    • Objectives of market analysis
    • Market analysis activities and tools
  • Product Analysis
    • Objectives of product analysis
    • Product analysis activities and tools

Become an ISPMA certified Software Product Manager At the end of the last day of the training we offer the attendees the opportunity to take the ISPMA certification test. The test is performed as a written examination and is facilitated by the International Software Quality Institute. You can become a certified ISPMA member.

Build an SPM peer network The ISPMA training is an excellent opportunity to build a personal peer network with other software products managers from different companies.

InnoTivum provides this Excellence Training on Strategic Management both as public and in-house training.

Hans-Bernd Kittlaus is an internationally renowned expert on SPM and a highly experienced SPM trainer and consultant.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Course Fee

€1,799 + VAT where applicable.
Includes all materials, lunches and beverages.


€300 + VAT where applicable.


This 2-day training is aimed at software product managers who already have the ISPMA Foundation Level Certificate or comparable experience of at least 3 years working as a Software Product Manager.


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