NOVEMBER 12 - 14, 2024
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SPM for Company Ventures for Innovation and Growth

This ISPMA-certified course is designed to foster innovation and growth within company incubators, helping you develop and scale new ventures effectively. This training is geared for professionals in Innovation Labs or New Product Businesses, who are operating with start-up mentality, focusing on agility, creativity, and rapid iteration. 

The primary purpose of innovation labs or new product businesses within mature companies is to drive innovation, foster creativity, and accelerate the development of new products or services. These units are designed to operate with the agility and entrepreneurial spirit of a startup, leveraging the resources and capabilities of the parent company. They are either focused on accelerating innovation, exploring new markets and opportunities, supporting strategic goals, or enabling innovation.

The Early Stage is focused on finding the right Problem-Solution Fit which aims at deriving a minimum feature set in which to launch a minimum viable product, an MVP, which is to be the subject of learning and iterated upon toward solving the customer’s confirmed problem.

The Growth Stage is focused on finding and optimising the product-market fit using an iterative approach. The steps of an iteration are as follows: hypothesis – MVP – test – conclusion. We define MVP: „The minimum feature set of a new product that is derived through a learning phase and that some customers are willing to pay for in the first release.”

The training which is based on the curriculum developed by the International Software Products Management Association (ISPMA) covers all areas of the Start-up within the SPM Framework:

ISPMA SPM Framework for Startups

Become an ISPMA certified Software Product Manager
After the training we offer the attendees the opportunity to take the ISPMA certification test. The test is performed as a multiple-choice test and is facilitated by the International Software Quality Institute. You can become a certified ISPMA member.

Build an SPM peer network
The ISPMA training is an excellent opportunity to build a personal peer network with other software products managers from different companies.

Why Attend:

  • – Gain knowledge from an expert in driving innovation.
  • – Engage in collaborative, practical exercises.
  • – Earn the prestigious “ISPMA Certified Software Product Manager – Startups” certification.

InnoTivum provides this course as public and as in-house training.

Vibhuti is partner of InnoTivum.

100% Live & Interactive

Only 4.5 hours per day

Course Fee

€1,800 + VAT where applicable.
Includes all materials.


€220 + VAT where applicable.


A 3-day training aimed at people involved in software product management building new software products in mature businesses. These can be founders, software product managers and other roles. Participants ought to have a fundamental understanding of the software business, but the course requires no specific technical or commercial competencies.


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