MARCH 27-28, 2023

Successfully Select and Implement Standard Software Products - Training

Standard Software Products have many advantages: Since they are developed for a larger number of customers, they can be less costly for the individual customer than custom-made software. With many other customers using the software, there are typically frequent error correction and functional improvements. Since standard requirements are usually well implemented, the individual customer saves on requirements analysis.

However, the selection and implementation of standard software products is a challenge where a lot of customer organizations fail. These are typical problems:

  1. You realize late in the implementation project that the selected standard software product is unsuitable for your organization.
  2. The effort for the adaption of the standard software turns out to be significantly higher than planned.
  3. With the standard software, productivity gets worse rather than better.
  4. Cooperation with your service provider or software vendor turns into a nightmare.

These problems often result in implementation projects to be discontinued, high cost and lengthy litigations.


The Business Perspective (Hans-Bernd Kittlaus) 

1. Involved Parties and Business Models         

  • Software Product Vendors
  • Professional Service Providers

2. Relevant Elements and Cost Positions   

  • Software and Its Price Models
  • Maintenance
  • Adaptations
  • Escrow Service

3. Support through Third Parties

  • Fixed Price Model
  • Body Leasing

4. Business Success Factors

  • Restrict Yourself
  • Focus on Migration


The Technical Perspective (Dr. Oliver Stiemerling)

5. Standard Software Products

  • Tailorability
  • Documentation
  • Description of Functionality and Quality Parameters

6. Methodology for Selection and Introduction

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Market Research and Visits to Reference Customers
  • Gap Analysis and Specification
  • Implementation, Training, Migration, Stabilization
  • Maintenance

7. Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Participants can receive a certificate on request.

Hans-Bernd Kittlaus

Hans-Bernd Kittlaus is an internationally renowned expert on Software Product Management and a highly experienced trainer and consultant. He has been working for software organizations of all sizes, and runs his own company InnoTivum Consulting. Before he was head of SPM and development units of IBM and Director of the Computer Science Center of the largest retail banking organization in Germany. He is the chairman of ISPMA (International Software Product Management Association,, and has published numerous articles and books.

Dr. Oliver Stiemerling

Oliver Stiemerling

Dr. Oliver Stiemerling has been actively involved in software product design since the early 90s. He earned a Ph.D. in computer science for pioneering work on tailorable component architectures for flexible software systems in 2000. In 2001 he founded ecambria systems GmbH, a company offering cryptographic software products and specific consulting services for start-ups and larger enterprises including several Fortune 500 and Dax companies ( He has also served as sworn expert witness in many court cases over the last 14 years involving software products (


Course Fee

€1.999 + VAT where applicable.
Includes lunch, beverages and training material.

Cologne, Germany


This workshop is intended for people in IT departments of companies who want to select and implement standard software products. They can be executive managers, project managers, architects, developers or have similar roles. A few years of software-related experience is recommended.

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