Software & Business - What Developers Need to Know (2 Days + Certification)

Target Audience

Developers who need to understand the business side of their organizations better. They can come from companies in different areas:

  • Software vendors
  • Software service companies
  • Vendors of software-intensive products and services
  • Corporate IT organizations




This training is offered as in-house training only.


Training Contents

  1. Introduction - Why am I sitting here?
  2. The Software Business - How can we make some money?
  3. The Software Ecosystem - Who are the players?
  4. Software Organizations in Companies
    1. The great divide between business and technical people - Why do we seem to live in two different worlds?
    2. The financial picture - What do the numbers mean?
    3. Processes, roles and interfaces - How can we turn separation into cooperation?
  5. Wrap-up


At the end of the training, participants can do the exam (multiple-choice test) for certification as "Business-Savvy Developer".