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What is product management?

Product management consists of product strategy, planning and product-related orchestration of the functional areas of the company. The objective is the product’s sustainable economic success across its life cycle. The product management role requires a high degree of management competence.

Software product management

Since software is a special product, software product management is special as well and in many aspects different from product management for other types of products. The combination of high complexity and frequency of change as well as the need for value-based pricing have a significant impact on the work of software product management. Software product management is not only utilized by software product vendors, but also by vendors of software-intensive products and services in other industries and in corporate IT organizations.

What makes a good product manager?

The requirements of a product manager are high. It is not just about having knowledge; the ability to implement this knowledge is just as important. Moreover, in this area analytic thinking, creativity and entrepreneurship are required. On a personal level, being a team player, able to communicate and able to deal with conflict are big advantages.

In our consulting projects and trainings on software product management as well as in ISPMA (International Software Product Management Association) we frequently work with successful and experienced product managers who share their experiences, tips and tricks with us; also with researchers who involve us in their projects and discuss their results with us. So we are able to expand our own expertise. Our customers and training participants benefit from this. And it is reflected in our publications.

We can help with:

combining best industry practices with 20 years of hands-on experience. Our CEO Hans-Bernd Kittlaus is internationally recognized as thought leader on SPM with a high number of publications and invited presentations.

Our international cooperations with SPM experts in industry and academia ensure state-of-the-art contents and methodologies in all our services.
We have worked with companies of all sizes from IBM and Samsung to small and medium-size companies and can adapt our concepts accordingly (see Customers). Our trainings and workshops have received wonderful praise from participants (see Customer Testimonials).

ISPMA's SPM Curriculum Being Extended

Based on the big success of ISPMA-based SPM Foundation Level Trainings, which have been available since early 2012, and the wishes of many training participants, ISPMA will now extend its curriculum. ISPMA is publishing syllabi for four Excellence Level Trainings:

Product Strategy (3 Days)

Strategic Management (1 Day)

Product Planning (3 Days)

Orchestration (1 Day)

The trainings will focus on methods and their practical application, i.e. there will be sufficient room for realistic case studies and exercises. Certification is offered for each training.

Participants can be product managers who already have the ISPMA Foundation Level Certificate or comparable SPM experience of at least 3 years. They may work in the software industry, or with vendors of software-intensive products and services in other industries, or with corporate IT organizations in all industries.

InnoTivum will provide the first Excellence Level trainings from May 2015 on, both as public and in-house Trainings.



March 13, 2015, 16:00 (German time): Free SPM Webinar
Hans-Bernd Kittlaus will present a free webinar in cooperation with anthares GmbH (in German). Register here.
April 12-14, 2015: SPM Foundation Level Training in Vienna
The next public SPM Training will take place in beautiful Vienna. More Information.
Spring 2015: Samsung SDS, Seoul, Korea
After three successful Trainings in 2013 and 2014, InnoTivum will conduct another two ISPMA-based SPM Trainings for Samsung SDS in Seoul, Korea, as 9-day trainings.


All SPM Trainings are offered in combination with an exam for ISPMA certification. Only the next nine trainings are listed here. For more go to the training-specific pages.


"Based on a thorough worldwide market analysis for trainings on software product management, Samsung SDS selected the ISPMA approach and InnoTivum Consulting as training provider. The results of the 10-day training exceeded our high expectations. This training has proven to be a major step in Samsung SDS’ efforts to extend our software product business."
Giyeong Son, Vice President, Samsung SDS, Korea
"I can recommend this training without any restrictions."
Daniel Käch, Head of Product Management, BISON Schweiz AG, Switzerland
"Contents and material of the seminar provide an essential foundation for product management and can be used by any SPM as a blue print for his daily work."
Heiko Woywodt, Product Manager, Intershop AG, Germany


“These two seasoned practitioners have masterfully distilled the essence of the software business and the art and craft of the increasingly important and challenging field of software product management. Worthwhile to any who want an appreciation of the evolving world of product management, seasoned veteran and new entrant alike.”
Richard Campione, Senior Vice President, Business Suite Solution Management & CRM On Demand, SAP, Germany/USA
Software Product Management and Pricing:
Key Success Factors for Software Organizations
Software product management and pricing are key success factors for any organization providing software, be it a software company or an organization responsible for software in a company that belongs to a different industry. After defining the term "software product" and looking at the business and organizational sides, the core elements of software product management and pricing are discussed. Recommendations are given on how to deal with these elements depending on different types of organizations and products in order to achieve the long-term success.